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Harvesting stem cells is completely safe and painless

You may think that harvesting stem cells would involve an operation or the use of controlled drugs. It does if your source is bone marrow or peripheral blood, but not if it’s your baby’s umbilical cord. Soon after the cord and placenta are separated from the baby, with the help of experienced doctor (obstetrician or midwife) collects the blood and tissue samples. Working on the cord at this stage guarantees neither mother nor baby can feel any discomfort.

Your baby’s umbilical stem cells must be collected shortly after birth – if the blood is allowed to clot, it is useless. Stem cell harvesting takes just a few minutes,  which is safe, easy and painless, and doesn’t interfere with mother’s or baby’s care.

Your doctor uses our Bio Stem Sterile Collection Kit to harvest the samples. A sterile blood bag is used to collect the blood from the umbilical vein after the cord is cleaned.Then cord tissue collected, around 10-15cm is selected, cleaned, cut and packaged at the same time.

Once the samples are safely packaged in the Sterile Collection Kit, you can phone the courier to collect the samples and deliver them safely and quickly to Bio Stem laboratory.

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